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it is time for women in the world to set the agenda. It’s time for women to redefine the messageWe need to make that message a positive one. Let’s make it ambitious, and inclusive, and brimming with hope.”

Extract from Oprah Winfrey’s opening speech at the Women in the World 2019 conference.

In View Of The Facts

The 2018 Australia-wide Fourth Action Plan (2019-2022) based on the findings of an independent consultation called for a

better integration of services and government agencies in and across jurisdictions…”.

In addition, the Fourth Action Plan raised concerns about the representation of domestic abuse in public opinion and argued that it should form part of a public campaign to educate, change existing belief systems and make it everyone’s responsibility.  It also stated that ‘greater resources are needed for rural and regional services” to improve the capacity to respond.

Add to this…

  • homelessness for women over 55 has grown by 31% since 2011 and
  • 75% of part-time workers in Australia are women.
  • Older single women may be forced out the workforce early, have insufficient superannuation/savings to fund the cost of living, face discrimination in the housing market, experience the death of an income earning spouse, or poor health or serious illness.

With an increase in health, economic and social costs to the Australian government and society it is now a matter of urgency to reduce the risk and deliver a solid, community supported initiative to resolve this infringement on human rights.

Our Why

To paraphrase an excerpt from Oprah Winfrey at the Women in the World 2019 convention:

“We got to rock the boat. To join forces, to scrap the rules…and reinvent the game”.

So, whilst the rest of the world is talking about making reducing violence everyone’s business, The Equanimity Project® is leaning in, digging deep and stepping out of the box.

The Equanimity Project® will connect communities and create a framework of opportunity where resolution “becomes everyone’s business”.

We will ask females within their communities to sit at the table and participate. It’s simply about supporting women and each of us doing our part to make a difference so that freedom and justice, the opportunity to have optimal well-being and safety can be equally shared by everyone. That we can all be equity advocates – to say what others can’t say and be heard.

Proudly an Australian first, let’s show the world how to reduce Domestic Violence & Homelessness for Women.

ANROWS Research

“Services embedded in their local community contexts are more likely to be successful.”

Social transformation can be faddish. So, to be a broad-based movement for change it must have depth of vision and sustainability to project into the future. The Equanimity Project® will establish canopy style integration through a network of linked foot soldiers and aligned with strong government initiatives.

Let’s Not Wait Any Longer!

“We tend to wait for things to become catastrophic before we take care of them. It’s just human nature.”

Philippe de Cuverville, general director for the Paris archdiocese in charge of economic affairs

Domestic Violence and Homelessness are catastrophic in society today – let’s do something about it now!

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