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An Australian first solution to reducing Domestic & Family Violence and alleviating Homelessness.


Why We Need Equanimity

You may not know what Equanimity means nor understand why we called our organisation by this name.  As an organisation comprising many lived experience individuals, we know that finding equanimity was important to survival, emotional balance and the capability to move forward with life.

Equanimity brings qualities of dignity, poise and composure to any experience. The Latin interpretation means having an even mind, a state of psychological stability and composure undisturbed by the experience of or exposure to emotions, pain and other phenomena.

Equanimity is embedded in most religions, spirituality and beliefs, and a pivotal feature within yoga, meditation and mindfulness.  It is the calm mental state needed, especially after a shock or disappointment or a difficult situation.

Finding Equanimity is the mental or emotional stability and composure we need to find during and after experiences that create tension or stress and provides the calm space needed to assure our safety, security and clear decision making. 

Changing the Story

The Equanimity Project Australia tells the story of two women who have never met but both are trapped in their own prison. One had her freedom taken away by no other reason than misfortune, and the other was locked in a cycle of mental and physical abuse.

What they have in common, is the same monster imprisoned them both within their lives – inequality. To break free and eliminate the repetitive cycle they have endured, we have developed an innovative Project that will abolish the disparity of discrimination and provide an equitable way of life.

It’s Time For A Change!

We seek to make a difference on the issues that matter, and our commitment, as a lived experience organisation, is to making a difference in society.  This is embedded in everything we do.

We believe we have an opportunity and a responsibility to use our knowledge and our capabilities to help address Australia’s most pressing social issues. We are committed to helping create positive, enduring change in communities in Australia.

A View Of The Facts

The 2018 Australia-wide Fourth Action Plan (2019-2022) based on the findings of an independent consultation called for a “better integration of services and government agencies in and across jurisdictions…”.

In addition, the Fourth Action Plan raised concerns about the representation of domestic abuse in public opinion and argued that it should form part of a public campaign to educate, change existing belief systems and make it everyone’s responsibility.  It also stated that ‘greater resources are needed for rural and regional services” to improve the capacity to respond.

The Equanimity Project® complements the work undertaken in current systems by providing an integrated alternative that responds to major issues identified in the 2018 Australia-wide Fourth Action Plan.

What’s At Stake…

  • Homelessness for women over 55 has grown by 31% between 2011 and 2016.
  • 75% of part-time workers in Australia are women.
  • Due to COVID, compounded economic impacts are felt especially by women and girls who are generally earning less, saving less, and holding insecure jobs or living close to poverty.(UN report April 2020)
  • Due to COVID, the “PINK RECESSION”  will see older single women being forced out the workforce early whilst they still have insufficient superannuation, savings to fund the cost of living.
  • Over 125,000 women presented at specialist homeless services as a result of domestic abuse.
  • Domestic violence is the cause of homelessness in 71% of the cases and this is increasing by a minimum of 9% per year.
  • increased financial control by one partner of other partner has increased by 70% since 2013.
  • The toll on emergency services is growing with the Police dealing with over 657 DFV matters every day of the year.

ANROWS Research

“Services embedded in their local community contexts are more likely to be successful.”

Social transformation can be faddish. So, to be a broad-based movement for change it must have depth of vision and sustainability to project into the future. The Equanimity Project® will establish canopy style integration through a network of linked foot soldiers and aligned with strong government initiatives.

Let’s Not Wait Any Longer!

“We tend to wait for things to become catastrophic before we take care of them. It’s just human nature.”

Philippe de Cuverville, general director for the Paris archdiocese in charge of economic affairs

Domestic Violence and Homelessness are catastrophic in society today – let’s do something about it now!

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