Create Your Own Fundraiser

Fundraising is stimulating and challenging.  Create your own or contact our team to come up with some ideas that fit into your lifestyle.

We can help you create memes, social media posts and design ideas.

We’ll support you every step of the way.

Simply complete our Proposal to Fundraise form.

We’ll then send you an Authority to Fundraise letter and your own fundraising information pack. Then all you have to do is host your event – and have a great time!

Don’t forget to keep you posted and let us how your event goes so that we can tell our community about it – as well as keep you updated on how the money you raised is helping vulnerable women.

Three Women Share The Horrifying Reality of Living Homeless In Australia

“No-one chooses to be homeless, I can tell you that." - by Michael Crooks (published by Marie Claire). Today, there are 49,000 women who are homeless across the nation, with no means or assistance to have a home of their own. Michael Crooks speaks to three women – all...

Update on Economic Equality

Has gender equality progressed? Australians have made progress towards gender equality as women continue to challenge historical norms and the business case for diversity, equity and inclusion strengthens. Despite this, women’s progress slipped back a gear in the...

‘Intergenerational Cycle of Violence’

‘Intergenerational Cycle of Violence’ Explained & How to Break It You might have watched some documentaries or crime series where experts try to find causal relationships between the person's delinquency in adolescence, their later involvement in criminal...

Misdiagnosing Intergenerational Trauma

Misdiagnosing Intergenerational Trauma Some children were being medicalised and pathologised at times when they needed trauma care, a conference in Dublin heard A seven year-old boy and his older sister (9), who watched their mother being bound and kept in a wardrobe...