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“If you want to touch the past, touch a rock. If you want to touch the present, touch a flower. If you want to touch the future, touch a life.”

Nothing Changes Unless We Do!

Raise the collective impact within communities by leading and enabling individuals to be part of the solution.

The Power of the People is Stronger than the People in Power

We often underestimate how much power we, as individuals, have to effect change. Your participation and support will increase the awareness and response to reducing domestic violence and alleviating homelessness.

Your efforts, whether volunteering, fundraising, becoming a community advocate or simply your wonderful donation will have an enormous impact and help keep women safe throughout communities in Australia.

Whether one-off or monthly, your donation enables us to establish secure spaces to keep women safe and longer-term programs to reduce homelessness, mental health issues, intergenerational trauma and pet abuse.

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Become A Community Advocate

Be an important part of the solution.  Lead the change in your community. Receive additional training and the opportunity to educate local businesses and your neighbours.

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We don’t achieve what we do without our volunteers. They are part of our family and our community. If you are looking utilise your expertise to help others join our team.  You will feel the purpose of what you are giving and appreciated by others.

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Fundraising should be fun. We have lots of ideas or you may wish to create one of your own. Here are some great ideas to consider.  Click below and contact us to get our team behind you.

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Be A Nurture Carer

Do you live alone, experiencing ageism in the workplace?  Then consider becoming a Nurture Carer® one of the most important individuals in our organisation.

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Donate Goods or in Kind

Altruism comes in many forms.  Do you own a business with products that we could use in a fundraiser or event, or services for our clients, please reach out.

We would love to hear from you.

Slavery in the Suburbs

Slavery in our suburbs: The matrix of marriage, migration and abuse There are so many aspects of domestic abuse we don’t consider or are not aware of.  Hidden amongst the family unit, societal standards and the matrix of marriage.  Community awareness is crucial,...

It all seemed normal…

Gavin owned a slice of paradise within a sleepy suburb at a small coastal city. His neighbours were a bit odd sure, but Gavin always took them as the quiet friendly type. He thought the father was a good man, even if his kids were a little strange. The two families...

Thoughts on a Sentence

Thoughts on a Sentence by Chris Hyde So, consider the sentence: ‘She is a victim’. A perfectly normal sentence. I have no issues with the word ‘she’ - even though pronouns are big in certain areas of discussion at the moment - nor the indefinite article ‘a’.   Victim,...

Five reasons to donate to The Equanimity Project

♦ Be part of a unique program where one woman at risk of homelessness can support another woman escaping an abusive relationship. ♦ Be there at the start. The Equanimity Project is about to launch a full pilot program. Help us fund it and be part of the solution to...

Let us join the conversation…

All Governments recognised in the Fourth Action Plan of the National Plan to Reduce Violence Against Women and their Children 2010‑2022 that emotional, psychological and financial abuse are all types of domestic violence, as is controlling a partner through fear,...

How do the labels we use change our reality?

Language is inherently imperfect. As humans, we communicate the majority of our experiences with words. These words have connotations that we use to organise concepts into our brains. When we encounter new information, we immediately seek to file it based on our pre-existing understanding of the world.