It’s so wonderful when worlds collide for the right reason.  Finding passion through purpose is essential to improving the lives of others. Each of the following products have been handcrafted with love by a person of lived experience.

Our Equanimity Candle is the first in our homeware and accessories range.  Picking a fragrance to represent ‘Equanimity’ was not easy and a team of scent lovers decided on our bespoke fragrant and calming scent.

Our indulgent candle is exclusively  handcrafted and every one is singularly unique.  Each candle is decorated with stunning shells individually collected from the Australian eastern beaches – from Bondi to Byron Bay.

Each candle is then sealed with our logo.

Everytime you light up your candle a wish is granted to a woman we support.  The containers are completely reusable and will make a lovely addition to the bathroom or bedroom.

Love N Cuddles

These beautiful dolls, soft toys and wall hangings have all been designed and handcrafted by women who have been rescued from human trafficking in Thailand.  The creation of the range of items gave these women an honest way to earn a living, better skills and a new way of life.  The handmade items make great heirlooms and create memories for your little ones.