Our Board

Karen R Levin

Founder & Director

As the Founder, it wasn’t my international or domestic knowledge of  business that led me to developing The Equanimity Project. After living in the US for 17 years, my journey back to Australia was an escape not a choice.

This ‘lived experience’ provided the insight and empathetic understanding of the journey women experience.

Supporting other women inspired and motivated me to recognise the short falls and develop a solution that was responsive and beneficial for the welfare of women and the betterment of Australian society as a whole.

Cultivating a sustainable model of charitable and social enterprise, where communities become the solution, and the impact is seen in all levels of society and government is my desired mission for the organisation.



Carisa Wells


Carisa will play an integral role and brings a wealth of knowledge of business development and strategy, community engagement, relationship building, government relations and marketing.

What attracted Carisa to The Equanimity Project was the organisation’s goal to make violent relationship abuse and homelessness among women everyone’s business and bringing together two major issues for women to form an innovative resolution.

I am also lived experience and so I understand the anguish and trauma many women go through particularly if a child or children or animals are involved as I see what my daughter has had to deal with through this process.


René McKenzie-Low


“For many of us we pride ourselves on our successes throughout our careers and family life, but for many of us we hide amongst the busy noise of our daily lives. We hide the shame that is domestic violence.

For me being part of this project isn’t just about ‘doing good’, it’s about making a valiant effort to right the wrongs that so many of us and those we know go through silently, including me.

I am a woman with a purpose who wants to change the landscape for women and am grateful to be part of an incredible team of imaginative, agile and passionate volunteers focused on delivering a client experience that is remarkable.”

With an experienced and demonstrated history of working in the non-profit organisation management industry and community housing sector, her skills in Nonprofit Organisations, Stakeholder Engagement, Public Speaking, Facilitation is extensive.


The Advisory

The wonderful individuals who provide their expertise, their guidance and their knowledge to assure that The Equanimity Project rewards those we serve.

Bob Bell - PKF

Business Advisor – PKF


Michael P Levin

Economist, Finance & Relationship Building


Luke Athens

Private Investigator


Ann Jewitt

Mental Health Consulting


Joanne Clarke

Mind Health Transformation


Arsho Kalloghlian

Counselling & Psychotherapy


Nerida Pearse

Retail & Product Development


Anne Ferguson

Media Consultant

The Engine Room

Fueled by passion, drive and purpose, these individuals held the glue together, filled the gaps and made the process so much easier.  they bring their ideas and creativity to help us build strong communities throughout Australia. To these individuals and others who have passed through our doors, we are forever grateful.



Why Become A Community Advocate or Sponsor?

Be a part of an Australian first initiative to increase awareness and action in communities towards the reduction of domestic abuse and homelessness for women. 

  • Improve the welfare state of women
  • Reduce social isolation & loneliness
  • Break inter-generational trauma & violence
  • Improve feelings of security and safety in communities.
  • Raise awareness and education
  • A reduction in risk of homelessness
  • Provisions of housing pathways
  • Reducing recidivism and recurrence of violence
  • Increased reporting habits
  • Development of a “pay it forward” movement where it “becomes everybody’s business”.

Help us to set a benchmark through innovation and change the social landscape for women in Australia.

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