Improving the welfare of women

With over 400,000 women at risk of homelessness in Australia today, it's time to do something about it.  Loneliness, loss of purpose and significance in society is now impacting their welfare and mental health.  We provide purpose, security and improved welfare.

Hidden behind a shroud of shame

Her story is one of coercive control and violence.  She loves her culture but as a woman she is powerless.  She can't tell her family or her friends as they would judge her. She makes excuses for the bruises, lack of money and emotional outbursts.  She knows she needs to make a change to survive.

Finding a way forward

She never thought the relationship would  end and is praying for a way out. Learning about the different forms of abuse has opened her eyes.  She now sees her relationship is toxic and abusive. She seeks a safe space and support to walk away.

Achieving equanimity for all

Recent research states that 81% of survivors said the perpretrator threatened to harm or kill their animals.  So they stayed. Our Project creates safe spaces for women, children and precious pets.

Ending intergenerational trauma

Watching her mother suffer abuse for years, she has been silent for too long. She told her mother they should leave, as her future is also at stake.  She now seeks a safe place for both of them.

Where H.O.P.E resides

She deserves more, and her children merit a hopeful future.  Her Own Personal Empowerment begins with her security and safety in order to have a future to look forward to.

The Equanimity Project is an Australian first initiative and a solution focussed advocacy agency for women, (their children, and pets) escaping domestic violence and women at risk of homelessness.

We provide ongoing encouragement to women to regain their independence, safety and self-assurance and commit unlimited time, as needed, in response to any challenges they may face.

We provide a high level of case management and support that navigates the myriad of services uniquely needed by each woman.

Services that take into consideration the need for short-term responsive solutions that include safe accommodation, technology checks and formal reporting to the long-term endorsement of recruitment training, job opportunities, mentorship, relocation, and therapy.

The Equanimity Project Australia is an innovative charity articulating the story of two women who have never met but both are trapped in their own prison. One had her freedom taken away by no other reason than misfortune, and the other was locked in a cycle of coercive control including mental,physical and financial abuse.

What they have in common, is the same monster imprisoned both of them – inequality.

To break free and eliminate the repetitive cycle they have endured, we implement ground-breaking solutions that abolish the disparity of discrimination and provide an equitable way of life.

As an organisation comprising lived experience individuals, we know that finding equanimity is important to the survival, emotional balance and capability to move forward in life.

Embedded in most religions, spirituality and belief systems, “Equanimity” is also a pivotal feature within yoga, meditation and mindfulness and brings the qualities of dignity, poise and composure.

Finding Equanimity is the mental and emotional stability we need to find during and after stressful or traumatic experiences and provides the calm needed to assure our safety, security and clear decision making.  It was the appropriate and perfect name for our organisation and is important to our mission, vision and purpose.

“Services embedded in their local community contexts are more likely to be successful.”

”Social transformation can be faddish. So, to be a broad-based movement for change it must have depth of vision and sustainability to project into the future. The Equanimity Project® will establish canopy style integration through a network of linked foot soldiers and aligned with strong government initiatives.”  ANROWS

Let's not wait any longer  - there is a way forward!