Our Services

All Inclusive

We are committed to empowering our clients through customised services. Some may call them full service, a cliche one stop shop, turnkey, or multi-level service.

We call ourselves an all-inclusive, solutions focused provider to find the appropriate answers for our clients. We provide ongoing encouragement to regain their independence, safety and self-assurance and commit unlimited time, as needed in responses to any challenges they may face.

It’s About Safety & Security

Everyone deserves to feel safe. Our homes, especially our bedrooms, are supposed to be the safest place to come back to each day.

To lay our heads down at night and feel danger is far away, this is what we all hope for. We are not a refuge, but we do provide safe, secure, tranquil accommodation.

We are not a retreat, nevertheless, we are a home-style environment that is supportive and protected. A place where our clients find EQUANIMITY and clear decision-making for themselves, their children and pets.

Supporting Every Story

Each client has a distinct and significant story. Every case for support requires an intricate level of empathy, guidance and validation. As their stories vary, they all belong to the same horrendous category – acts of violence and abuse.

Our team provides a high level of case management and support. Skills that take into consideration the need for short term responsive solutions and long-term endorsement.  Support that navigates the myriad of services uniquely needed by each. As important, are the needs of the child and fur-babies.  Intergenerational trauma and pet abuse are high on our list of responses. With these factors in mind, every story should result in an inspiring ending – and a new and positive life.

Advocacy in True Cultural Diversity

The face of Australia is changing, and our attitudes and actions must change with it. Our programs include the advancement of activism through creating a strong network of advocates and community members to recognise and address the signs of abuse and identify the tools required to find resolutions that reduce disharmony.

Within the stories of exploitation and maltreatment are opportunities for heightened community education in cultural diversification.  How to operate within and amalgamate traditions, ethnicity, customs, beliefs and attitudes.

Our team of culturally diverse and lived experience individuals understand and respect the views and opinions that hold our clients together and tear their lives apart. We consolidate the wealth of information and strength of community to assure each individual’s journey is respected and validated.

Career Choices & Opportunities

Women face countless pressures in making decisions around family, culture and marriage. Not being ‘allowed’ to work, dutifully stopping work to raise children, submissively choosing to stay home to feed a husband’s narcissistic behaviour, being told to go to work but not given any financial freedom, and so many other challenges.

These decisions are to their detriment and many of these choices and time lapses undermine skillsets and self-confidence.

In the rebuilding process, we refine and improve interview practices, revamp CV’s and resumes, search for job opportunities and new career direction that fit the desires and skills of our clients.

We provide awareness and education about financial security, relationship building, self-improvement and show them a vision for a future life of peace and equanimity.

Technology Safety  & Security

Digital technology brings great benefits to our everyday lives but the devices, apps and platforms come with risks, especially for women.

A recent national survey found almost all women experiencing family violence suffered from technology abuse. This includes everything from abusive texts and social media posts, to tracking of smartphones, to covert monitoring of a victim’s movements. 

Assuring our clients are safe and secure includes the checks and balances of technology use in a world where our lives are increasingly being lived online. 

Staying safe from technology-facilitated abuse has never been more important. Thorough checks are conducted to assure their security and freedom to use technology to support their new lives.