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Your Support Means A Great Deal

There are so many ways to support our organisation and the women we serve.  Our mission is to assure they find safety and security and reach their full potential.  Your support can be through various ways – hosting your own event, attending one of our events, getting your workplace involved through corporate fundraising and volunteering – the options are endless!

Host Your Own

We thrive on creativity with purpose. We have numerous entertaining ideas for fundraising that you may wish to use or you can create your own idea.

Workplace Giving

We have an all inclusive workplace giving program that encourages greater understanding and education of the issues for your employees. Contact us for more info.

Particpate in One of Our Events

Developing unique events is a passion of the Team.  Have a look at our upcoming calendar.  Become part of our family by participating in one of our great events.

Business Fundraising

If women’s issues are important to you, especially to eradicate domestic abuse and homelessness, then we can help you develop some great fundraising initiatives.

Purchase a Product or Gift

All our unique products have a connection to our purpose.  Handcrafted by women of lived experience, and made with love. Products  they have found a new way of life.

A Regular Contributor

Donations make a huge difference in helping us provide our services.  If you would like to make a regular monthly donation, we will keep you up to date with the progress of our organisation and the women we support.

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Gift Ideas

Our products are unique.  They involve handcrafting and designing gifts from women who have escaped domestic abuse,  human trafficking and homelessness.  They are made with a great deal of love and compassion and we hope you find a connection to them, in the same way we did when they were made.  As the year progresses, the list will grow.  So please come back on a regular basis to visit.

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