Improving the welfare of women

Domestic & family violence is currently the leading cause of homelessness for women in Australia. We aim to prevent both.

Finding Equanimity


Equanimity is the emotional balance during and after a stressful or traumatic experience, vital to our survival and ability to move forward with the assurance of safety & security.

We know that escaping and recovering from domestic violence and homelessness requires finding this balance.

It is a concept embedded most meditative & mindfulness practices, as well as many religions, spiritualities & belief systems. Equanimity embodies the qualities of calm, dignity and clarity of mind – the perfect name for our organisation, encompassing our mission, vision and purpose.


All of our work is guided by:

Cultural Diversity

We understand that a woman’s needs will differ between cultures. That there will be barriers preventing some women from escaping abuse, or even reaching out to a loved one. We will connect you with individuals who know your culture and know what the best way to move forward will be.

Lived Experience

Born from experience, The Equanimity Project was created to fill the gaps in existing services that were felt firsthand. We aim to connect, empathise, and provide comfort with the knowledge you are surrounded by people who truly understand what you are going through.


Her Own Personal Empowerment

This is where H.O.P.E. resides. We champion the power of women to improve their own circumstances & rebuild their lives – with simply a helping hand.

We're a One-Stop-Shop


We take a holistic approach to supporting women in need. We are an Australian-first initiative to reduce domestic abuse and alleviate homelessness.

Our cost-effective integrated housing solution combines long-term education and support services, to change the societal landscape and improve the welfare of women.

This is how we help:

Essential Housing

Beyond crisis & social housing, we shelter our clients while we help them secure long term accommodation.

Tech Checks

Ensuring our clients are staying safe from technology-facilitated abuse.

Employment Opportunities

Rebuilding confidence by refining interview practices, improving CV’s, and securing job opportunities or new career directions.

Children & Pets 

Most refuges do not allow children or pets to be housed with their escaping mothers or owners. We do.

Case Management & Support

From guidance & empathy, to practical advice & solutions, even clothing - every woman has her own story, her own needs.

Financial Literacy

Educating women on how to take control of their money and regain financial security.


Raising awareness, creating dialogue & combatting myths surrounding DFV and homelessness across Australia.


Guiding clients to formally report instances of domestic and family violence, to ensure legal protections and justice.

An Integrated Solution


Nurture Care®

A solution which abolishes the prison of two women who have never met, but are both entrapped by inequality. One woman who has lost her freedom due to misfortune, is guided & trained to regain her independence, to then support a woman escaping a cycle of abuse.

Get Involved


Become a Nurture Carer

Are you over the age of 40 & struggling financially? Do you want to make a difference for women in need, and help yourself in the process?

Join a fundraiser event

Have you always wanted to complete a half-marathon but never had the chance? Now is the time!
We’re involved with a range of sporting events across Australia, from Sydney’s City2Surf to Rottnest Island’s Port to Pub, and even the Koscuiszko Ultra-Trail!
Take a look at the calendar below & achieve your personal goals, whilst making a difference for women in need. Or if you’re already planning to walk, run, cycle or swim one of these events, consider choosing us as your charity to support.

Volunteer with us!

Whether it be community advocacy, helping out at events, or just a commitment to supporting us & raising awareness for the issue, we appreciate any time you can give to ensuring women’s safety.

We began our pilot program just as COVID-19 first hit, but we’ve managed to do some pretty incredible things on our own since then.

Educated & trained over 100 community advocates

Supported over 30 clients to find their long-term safety

Assisted clients across regional & urban Australia

Our Partners


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