Partnerships are important.  Not simply for the funding but because we believe we have an innovative solution to deliver cost effective 2-in-1 alternatives for women.  A truly community based project, your investment would be directed into communities throughout Australia – in cities, regional centres and towns, and remote communities.

Your investment would encourage collective impact, education and viable resolutions that can be delivered throughout communities.

We are here for the women who are hidden in suburbs, who are afraid to report, who need a safe alternative.  We work with emerging and complex needs, in areas where the system is failing.  Our support workers open up a world of opportunities for them and keep them on track in their growth and development. We support women to create and sustain a positive home environment.

Through effective collaborations, a multi-sector approach and evidence-based programs, we are committed to provide the best outcomes for women, their children and their pets.  This means for our Partnerships too.


If you want to be a partner in the resolution for change we are the right investment for you.

Whether you would like to make a personal contribution, bring your family together to change the lives of other families in Australia, or create your legacy and make a bequest to shape an individual’s future, we can guide you to direct your investment where it will have the best impact and meaning for you, and the women and children and communities you want to support. You can choose to invest in a specific project, or you can provide flexible funding that helps us build capacity as an organisation so we become a powerful national organisation.

Our philanthropic partners are vital to helping us deliver lasting results, to transform their lives – and the future we all share.

To ensure your contribution works as effectively as possible and in the best possible way, our programs are continually monitored and evaluated to measure their impact and effectiveness. As a philanthropic partner, you will have access to detailed project proposals and budgets, and – as the project progresses – program updates, financial reports and evaluations. This means you will have the insurance that your investment will deliver long-lasting results.


A fact not understood or still unknown

In a recent report by the Institute of Criminology of over 15,000 women, over 70% who lived through domestic abuse experience were either graduates or professionally qualified. All these women are described as victims of domestic violence, but few conform to the stereotypical image engendered by the word victim or seen by generally assumptive society. 

Become a philanthropic partner

If you want to help to create better lives for women, children and their pets discuss how you can make a lasting impact in their lives, contact our CEO today to explore strategic partnership or sponsorship opportunities that include:

  • Pro bono or in kind support
  • Volunteering and staff days
  • Project funding
  • Workplace giving
  • Corporate fundraising
  • Strategic partnerships


A 2 in 1 housing solution offering stability and security for both women.

Where H.O.P.E Resides

We give one woman a valued purpose in society and financial stability and the other a chance to begin a new life free from violence and fear.

Where H.O.P.E. Resides

We immediately increase safe accommodation for women escaping DFV, their children and pets whilst also reducing the risk of homelessness for another.

Where H.O.P.E Resides