The Equanimity Project Australia is a passionate and purposeful group

of lived experience individuals…

who have created and implemented an interconnected resolution for two female cohorts facing physical, welfare and emotional stress in society today.

Our Project will minimise the repetitive cycle experienced by women and abolish the disparity of discrimination to provide an equitable way of life.

An Australian-first initiative aimed to reduce Domestic Abuse and alleviate Homelessness.

A cost-effective integrated housing solution with long-term education and support services to change the societal landscape and improve the welfare of women.

We Have The Ability To Create Change Through

the innovation we bring   |   the opportunities we create

the welfare we improve   |   the communities we transform

the women we keep safe   |   the loneliness we reduce

and the voices we raise up

Our Mission

To build, connect, inspire and educate communities to be progressive and impactful towards enriching the safety, security and welfare of women in society.

  • To alter the Australian societal landscape of domestic abuse whilst also substantially lowering the risk of homelessness in women by means of financial endowment and social purposefulness.
  • To promote and foster positive attitudinal and behavioural change toward the elimination of violence and risk of homelessness.
  • To provide transitional housing, emotional support, and a diversified continuum of services focused on safety, empowerment, and self-sufficiency.
  • To raise awareness, provide services and educate community members through community partnerships and participation.

Our Why

The Equanimity Project® is a community based initiative as part of a national scheme.  It relies on a bottom-up approach in harnessing and working within communities, services, and jurisdictions. To resolve an issue that is embedded in communities and provide the relevant support to resolve the issues.

By definition: The Equanimity Project® works everywhere and involves everyone. It operates equally in metropolitan areas where high housing prices make it harder for women to live alone and in rural areas where there is a lack of accommodation and support services.

The Equanimity Project® represents a:

  • holistic approach involving a continuum of interdependent and interlinked strategies.
  • whole-of-population initiative that addresses community conversation.
  • change in the trajectory option for individuals.
  • primary prevention project that targets the whole population and inevitably reaches those who are already experiencing violence or who are at risk of escalation.
  • resolution whilst government and institutions target shifting attitudes and practices in society.
  • community integrated system with prevention alternatives and mechanisms to reduce and respond to early signs of violence and escalation, preventing a recurrence and reducing longer-term harm.
  • society-wide message that there is an alternative and violence is not acceptable.

With a decrease in the welfare of women, economically and socially, it should now be a matter of urgency to reduce the risk and deliver a solid, community supported initiative to resolve this societal humiliation.

The Equanimity Project® will create a framework of opportunity where resolution “becomes everyone’s business”.

Become a Leader for Change in Your Community

Australians are great at volunteering. Would you like to go one step further and actually achieve change in your community?  You have the power to educate, advocate and support your local community, whilst also supporting women escaping domestic abuse or at risk of homelessness.

To find our more about how to become a Community Advocate All you need is a passion to lead the charge for change.

Become a Nurture Carer

Do you live alone?

Are you working part time?

Do you ever feel lonely or would like to be involved in a worthy project?

Want to have greater purpose in your community?

Be an important member of an Australian first initiative and change the landscape for the welfare of women in Australian society today.